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Last Updated: April 17, 2004

25494 Lumina (2004 Event Exclusive)
27317 January's Jewel (January Birthstone)
27318 Amazing Amethyst (February Birthstone)
27319 Awesome Aquamarine (March Birthstone)
27320 Dazzling Diamond (April Birthstone)
27321 Exquisite Emerald (May Birthstone)
27322 Precious Pearl (June Birthstone)
27323 Ravishing Ruby (July Birthstone)
27324 Positively Peridot (August Birthstone)
27325 September Sizzle (September Birthstone)
27326 Opulent Opal (October Birthstone)
27327 Tantazlizing Topaz (November Birthstone)
27328 Turquoise Treasure(December Birthstone)

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